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One Stop Industry Supply Company

Who We Are

One Stop Industry Supply Company is a small group of innovative, creative and engaged people who are enthusiastic about our customers, our suppliers, our work, our families and diverse interests.

Founded in 2010 One Stop Industry Supply Company is relatively young but never the less brings a wealth of experience to the table and is already engaged with hundreds of customers and suppliers from around the globe. Young or not, One Stop Industry Supply Company is a force to be reckoned with now and in the future.

At One Stop Industry Supply Company, we are committed to working hand-in-hand with our customers in order to develop tailored solutions that meet customer demand and expectations and ultimately achieve immediate business results.

Together and in a short period of time we have successfully established a proven infrastructure of exclusive distribution ships and partnerships with domestic and worldwide manufacturers and suppliers which allows us to offer our customers some of the most prestigious brand names in the industry. We strive to offer our customer total satisfaction by providing you the user with a range of products that are reliable, effective, dependable, affordable, safe and have a prolonged life span which is why One Stop Industry Supply Company is shaping the Future of global industrial supplies, today

Why One Stop Industry Supply Company?

One Stop Industry Supply Company differentiates from others through a combination of well implemented distribution ships and well organized supply chain management along with an extensive resource base of products, transportation, warehousing, and storage facilities which enables our team to anticipate customer demand and exceed customer expectations.

We have an established customer base in almost every industry from construction to mining and minerals, automotive, chemical, technology and agricultural. Our supply brand names such as Mitsubishi, CAT, Yale, Toyota, Crown, Hoist, Heli, Daewoo, Komatsu, Nissan, Hyster, AEG, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita, Stanley, Sony, Panasonic, JCB, Bandpak, Potain, GYS, Osram, Philips to mention but a few.

Fast moving, forward thinking describes our vision to succeed – to be a leading vendor of industrial equipment and machinery worldwide. Through a combination of evolving technologies, affordability, for the end user and superior choice of brand name products One Stop Industry Supply Company will be known and recognized as the premier supply chain company that operates in the context of a global economy.

Our Vision of what our company will become in the future is to have developed relationships with key suppliers and buyers so strong that they will view us more as indispensable partners, than just another supplier. We will work closely with each supplier and buyer and provide state of the art distribution centers so we can continue to deliver the most innovative and exciting range of products.

Worldwide Recognition

The Future is about getting it Right Today

The ability to meet customer requirements, for everything from a screw to a complete production line, is built upon the expectation that everything is done correctly in the supply chain, and that means doing it right the first time – no mistakes are allowed. In the quest to provide quality service and satisfy customers, it is important to understand that the only way we are going to prosper in the future is by getting it RIGHT today.

The Right Product

To The Right Customer

At The Right Time

At The Right Place

In The Right Condition

In The Right Quantity

At The Right Price

If you think about it, every order needs to be executed according to these seven goals. We must attempt to deliver a “perfect order” to every customer every time. Doing it right the first time makes the customer happy, saves the cost of fixing errors, and doesn’t require extra use of assets. Thus, every part of the organization has a vested interest in pursuing perfection. So, what exactly is a “perfect order” delivery? Think about making a purchase. If all seven of these points are achieved, then you will receive a perfect order. What will your perfect order fulfilment entail? We need to ensure that we have your preferred product available for order, process your order correctly, ship the entire order via the means that you request, provide you with an advanced shipping notification and tracking number, deliver the complete order on time and in good condition, and bill you correctly. You’re happy, we’ve done our job right, and you have a very good reason to do business with us again in the future!

That’s why we believe in getting it right the first time.


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Best Quality Cable at the BEST Prices 10 Meters
฿342.40  Inc Tax
Best Quality Cable at the BEST Prices 10 Meters
฿342.40  Inc Tax
SIMPLY NOT TO BE MISSED Amazing "One Stop" Price
฿2,942.50  Inc Tax
Absolutely Superb Solar Product - Don't be left out in the Cold
฿37,985.00  Inc Tax
with built in 30A MPPT Controller
฿11,950.00  Inc Tax
TIN-roof, 2 x 3140mm rail
฿3,852.00  Inc Tax
TIN-roof, 2 x 4160mm rail (cut 4*2080mm)
฿5,136.00  Inc Tax
With Built-in 60A MPPT Controller
฿27,180.00  Inc Tax
PV3000 MPK Series (2KW)
฿19,750.00  Inc Tax
4SC6-56-72-750 with MPPT solar pump controller
฿11,500.00  Inc Tax
Each Set Comprises of 5 x 9W LED Bulbs
฿550.00  Inc Tax
Superb Power, Superb Quality, Superb Price.
฿12,000.00  Inc Tax
HOT-HOT-HOT Superb Price-Superb Quality-Superb Product
฿1,525.00  Inc Tax
HAVE YOU GOT YOURS YET? Join the thousands of customers who have already bought our most sought after solar flood light.
฿1,725.00  Inc Tax
Super Quality - Super Price
฿3,750.00  Inc Tax
3SC3-47-48-400 with MPPT solar pump controller
฿10,000.00  Inc Tax