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12V 200Ah Solar Deep Cycle Gel Battery

Superb Power, Superb Quality, Superb Price.
฿12,000.00  Inc Tax

Solar Batteries

Our Solar brand of batteries are exclusively designed for us with Absorbed Glass Matt Technology.

They are designed by a first class technical work force that encourages modern management practices.

Our deep cycle solar GEL Batteries are designed for use with popular solar applications.

Gel Battery Special Advantages

Full recovery from deep discharge, even when the battery is not recharged immediately.

Ideal for repeat cycling daily use.

Excellent performance over long discharges.

Good tolerance to higher temperature applications.

Suitable where mains power is unstable.

Zero stratification due to immobilized electrolyte.

Reduced self discharge.

Limiting design protects the positive plates to greatly improve cycle life.

Improved charge acceptance due to low internal resistance.

High resistance to water loss with the right charging set up.

Ultra stable polymer separator with glass mat for increased performance.

High resistance to shorting due to superior mechanical strength of the polymer separator.

Increased tolerance to poor charging parameters.

Can be discharged even when full recharge has not been achieved, without loss of battery capacity.

Battery design life 20 years which means if the battery is not used it can sit on the shelf for 20 years.

Precautions Delivery Schedule

• Always handle batteries with care.

• Always store upright.

• Always charge in a well ventilated place.

Delivery Schedule

Depending on the battery size and quantity, delivery can be 7-10 days.

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  • Model: OSSP-SSDCB-LA-12-200

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